The IFMP Grandfathering will be available to candidates:

  • Having Masters Degree or 4-years Bachelors Degree (in any discipline) along with Five (5) years of relevant work experience certified by his/her employer; OR
  • Having Bachelors Degree (in any discipline) along with Eight (8) years of relevant work experience certified by his/her employer; OR
  • Having relevant work experience of not less than Twenty (20) years certified by his/her employer.
  • Payment of one-time exemption/grandfathering fee of PKR 30,000/- for three certifications, and PKR 20,000/- for two or one certification.
  • In order to ensure the validity of the grandfathering certification, the grandfathered member will make sure that his membership shall not lapse by complying with all the membership requirements of the Institute.
  • Grandfathering scheme for those who meet the above experience and qualification requirements will be available till any further changes in the certification regime by SECP.

The term “Relevant Experience” is defined as: an experience in the respective/relevant field against which an exemption/grandfathering is sought. For example, for getting grandfathering against IFMP Stock Brokers Certification, 5 years of experience in advising clients to buy/sell securities/shares will be required if a candidate holds a Master’s Degree from HEC recognized institutions and so on so forth.

Note: It is stated that the one-time fee of PKR 30,000 for three certification and PKR 20,000 for two or one (2 or 1) certifications. After approval of the Grandfathering application by IFMP, Candidates will be offered registered membership through an email and on completing the membership formalities the certificate will be awarded to the members. (Annual membership fee is PKR 5,000).

‘However, IFMP strongly encourages professionals and candidates to obtain certifications through examination route instead of opting for grandfathering/exemption provision’

IFMP Grandfathering is available for:

  • IFMP Fundamental of Capital Markets Certification
  • IFMP Pakistan’s Market Regulations Certification
  • IFMP Stock Brokers Certification
  • IFMP Mutual Fund Distributors’ Certification
  • IFMP Mutual Fund Basic Certification
  • IFMP Commodities Brokers Certification

For downloading grandfathering form, please Click Here!