Who should I contact for inquiries ?
Please contact the IFMP’s Programmes Office or refer to ‘Contact us’ section at our website
How do I lodge a complaint with IFMP ?
Under the ‘Contact us’ section, please refer to “Feedback & Suggestions” where you can submit your complaints and feedback.
You may also send an email to
What is the IFMP ?
The Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan (IFMP) is Pakistan’s first securities market institute, and is a permanent platform for development of certified and knowledge professionals to meet the emerging needs of the Financial markets and to create minimum knowledge standards for market professionals.
When was IFMP established ?
IFMP was established in 2009 as a discrete legal entity, and is operating as an Association ‘Not for Profit’ licensed under Section 42 of Companies Act 2017.
IFMP is head quartered in Karachi, Pakistan.
What is the overall objective of the IFMP ?
Bring contemporary knowledge and ethical standards to Pakistan’s capital Markets; as are practiced in structurally parallel but advanced jurisdictions.
Providing practical and contemporary skills;
Undertaking research towards developing financial markets;
To introduce minimum ethical standards and promote ethical practices
From where can I obtain more information about IFMP ?
You can browse through IFMP’s website which is a comprehensive source of information about the Institute. You may also request for the detailed information material by emailing to
What is the general contact information of IFMP if I wish to make an inquiry ?
You can address all your inquiries to the IFMP’s Programmes Department through a telephone call at: 92-21-34540843 or email at Also, under the ‘Contact us’ section on this website, using the “Submit a Query” option you can submit your queries.
I wish to obtain some publications from IFMP. How do I do that ?
If you are an enrolled candidate or member of the IFMP, please send a request including the details of your requested publications to The requested publication will be sent to your provided email address and subject to availability. All other information and general material is available at IFMP’s website and is free to download.
I notice IFMP offers different certifications programmes throughout the year.
IFMP’s programmes are open for admissions and enrolment throughout the year. The programmes require good understanding of the issues and comprehension. You can enrol (at times conditions may apply) in any of the IFMP programme by downloading, filling and sending the programme enrolment forms along. Detailed procedures to be followed are available on the website.
Can I cancel my enrolment ?
All fees and documents once submitted are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-transferable. The enrolment cannot be cancelled and examinations cannot be deferred by the candidates
When is the closing date to enrol for the programmes ?
IFMP’s programmes are open for enrolment throughout the year, but registration closes for the respective examination 30 days prior to the scheduled date of that examination. Candidates should clearly indicate the Examination dates which they want to take, at the time of sending the Examination Registration Form.
What modes of payment are accepted by the IFMP ?
For IFMP Programme fees; a Pay Order or a Demand Draft of required amount, as detailed in the Fees and Schedules section of this website for respective programmes is required to be submitted in favour of “Institute of Financial of Markets of Pakistan”. Please note that candidates sending applications from outside Karachi city need to send a Demand Draft in favour of “Institute of Financial of Markets of Pakistan” while candidates from Karachi can submit a Pay Order.
Can I extend my course ?
Candidates are required to appear in the examinations for which they have registered themselves through submission of the ‘Examination Registration Form’, No extensions and examination deferments are allowed and provisions as detailed under ‘Examination Regulations’ apply.
Can I transfer from one course to another course ?
All IFMP programmes are non-transferable. Candidates should seek separate enrolments for each separate programme.
To whom should Programme Enrolment Form be submitted ?
The candidate should complete the Programme Enrolment Form and return it to Institute of Financial of Markets of Pakistan by submitting the form and other required documents in a sealed envelope and clearly marked “Institute of Financial of Markets of Pakistan” to the IFMP on the address given on the Form.
What are the available student’s resources ?
IFMP maintains and regularly updates a wealth of information on its website, which is easily accessible and free to download. The study material provided to the candidates also includes a list of recommended readings. Candidates are also encouraged to seek additional reference and informational material from other sources.
How many times can I sit for the examination? Is there any limit ?
There is no limit on re-sits in the IFMP examinations.
How frequent are certifications examinations conducted ?
IFMP holds the examinations on the last Sunday of every second month of the quarter i.e. February, May, August, November.
How do I enrol for the programme ?
Candidates are required to download the IFMP Programme Enrolment Form from IFMP’s website under IFMP Forms Section. The IFMP Programme Enrolment Form should be duly filled and annexed with all the required attachments including copy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) (Foreign citizens should attach copy of passport) and two (02) Passport-sized colour recent photographs.
What courses IFMP offers ?
At present, IFMP is offering Twenty One certification programmes:
For complete list of certification programmes,click here
Where can I find information on the training opportunities available through IFMP ?
IFMP offers the unique experience of learning through self-study guides. There is no classroom teaching mechanism available through IFMP and the Institute at present does not endorse any examination preparatory service providers. However if you feel any difficulty in understanding of an issue, you can email your query to IFMP and it will be responded.
Is there any minimum certification level which one must qualify to affiliate with IFMP ?
To become a member of IFMP, candidates are required to pass at least one of its programmes.
Who are IFMP’s board members and what do they do ?
For complete list of board of directors click here
Who owns IFMP ?
IFMP is an independent legal entity, and is operating as an Association ‘Not for Profit’ licensed under Section 42 of Companies Ordinance, 1984. The shareholders of IFMP are:
For complete list of shareholders click here
What are the membership benefits ?
All IFMP members are entitled to receive updates and announcements. They will also regularly receive a copy of monthly newsletter of IFMP. They can also mention IFMP’s membership in their resumes, which will be duly endorsed by the Institute. The several other benefits are given below:
Authorization to use the title of IFMP with candidate’s name;
Appearance of candidate’s name and details on the IFMP Members List, posted and regularly updated at IFMP’s website;
Confirmation of Membership status to current and potential employers inquiring candidate’s credentials with IFMP;
Subscription to IFMP’s Newsletter and knowledge updates
Access to IFMP’s E-Library with specialized User ID and Password (which is in its development phase).
Access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) assessments online