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IFMP-ID Name Certification Status Dues
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Certification Names & Abbreviation
FCM-(Fundamentals of Capital Markets Certification), PMR-(Pakistan Markets and Regulation Certification), MFBC-(Mutual Fund Basic Certification), MFDC-(Mutual Fund Distributors Certification), CBC-(Commodity Brokers Certification), FAC-(Financial Analyst Certification), SFAC-(Securities and Future Advisor Certification), LIAC-(Life Insurance Agents Certification), FTAC-(Family Takaful Agents Certification), NLIAC-(Non-Life Insurance Agents Certification), GTAC-(General Takaful Agents Certification), BTC-(Bancatakaful Certification), BAC-(Bancassurance Certification), SBC-(Stock Brokers Certification), AML-(Anti-Money Laundering (AML/CFT) Certification), FDTC-(Financial Derivative Traders Certification), COC-(Compliance Officers Certification), CSOC-(Clearing and Settlement Operations Certification), RMC-(Risk Management Certification), CBCFC-(Capital Budgeting and Corporate Finance Certification), IBAC-(Investment Banking and Analysis Certification), IFC-(Islamic Finance Certification), FISC-(Fixed Income Securities Certification), DP-(Diploma Program), EFIDC-(Equity Fixed Income Derivatives Certificate)