The member family of Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan (IFMP) has following professional, legal and social benefits:

  1. Authorized to use recognized regulatory designations/titles
  2. Award of Certificate
  3. Eligibility under SECP’s regulatory regime to become:
    • Certified Mutual Fund Distributors
    • Certified Equity Sales Agents
    • Certified Commodity Sales Agents
    • Certified Securities and Futures Advisors
    • Certified Financial Research Analysts
    • Certified Life Insurance Distributors
    • Certified Non-Life Insurance Distributors
    • Certified Family Takaful Distributors
    • Certified General Takaful Distributors
    • Certified Bancasurance Distributors
    • Certified Bancatakaful Distributors
  4. Display of name on the IFMP’s Active Members Lists at the website
  5. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program of 16 credit hours/year
  6. Access to State of the Art E-Library of IFMP
  7. Free Access to Monthly Newsletters
  8. Opportunity to become professional trainers and technical speakers at IFMP’s Trainings, Programmes and Events
  9. Discounts upto 70% on IFMP In-house Trainings
  10. Special invitations on Programmes organized in collaboration with USAID, ADB, World Bank and different industry stakeholders
  11. Several Job Opportunities from the industry are shared with members of IFMP
  12. Opportunity to participate in Institute’s publications (newsletters)
  13. Members get frequent regulatory updates
  14. Members get frequent curriculum updates
  15. Special discount on IFMP’s Annual Conference
  16. Source of strong networking among the members serving in different sectors of the economy on IFMP Trainings, Conference and Workshops
  17. Recognition from various national and international professional institutions