The IFMP Risk Management Certification covers the concepts of financial system and securities markets, the mutual fund industry and its governing regulatory framework, operational aspects of mutual funds and ethical practices.

Objective of the Examination
The objective of this study guide is to provide in-depth knowledge of risk management and surveillance in capital markets to candidates wishing to take Institute of Financial Market of Pakistan’s (IFMP) Risk Management and Surveillance certification. The candidates are expected to gain risk management and surveillance knowledge for capital market with some knowledge of banking system and regulations governing the banking system.

Target Audience
This exam is by and large mandated for the people working at Risk Management Companies.

Examination Specification
Element 1: Introduction to Risk Management (20 Qs)
Element 2: Introduction to Financial Markets (5 Qs)
Element 3: Regulatory Framework (15 Qs)
Element 4: Risk Management Models (15 Qs)
Element 5: Management of Risks (10 Qs)
Element 6: Operational Risks (10 Qs)
Element 7: Derivatives and Risk Management (10 Qs)
Element 8: Introduction to Surveillance (5 Qs)
Element 9: Operational Scope of Surveillance (10 Qs)
Total (Qs): 100

Assessment Structure
This will be a 150 minutes examination of 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
All questions will carry equal marks.
There will be no negative marking.

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