Finance for Non-Financial Manager is designed to help the managers understand the financial impact of decisions they make. It would equip the managers with tools necessary to read, understand and analyze financial information. Moreover the participants would learn techniques to analyze and scrutinize projects based upon the financial impact these projects would have on the business.  Methods to optimally allocate resources would be discussed in detail. Role of financial markets and the ways to raise capital from markets would also be discussed.

Course Outcome:

At the end of the course the participants will:

  • Be able to read and interpret accounting information
  • Be able to understand financial statements and communicate financial information
  • Develop decision-making skills using financial information
  • Be able to understand the concept of opportunity cost and time value of money
  • Be able to evaluate and select the best project amongst the variety of projects using capital budgeting techniques
  • Be able to understand the concept of cost of capital
  • Understand the ways and means to raise capital from financial markets
  • Be able to comprehend the financial impacts business strategies plays

How to register:

Register on https://forms.gle/C8L1QeDTpKiE7Yb46


Email at salvia@ifmp.org.pk

Fees per candidate: 15,000 + 5% sales tax

Early bird discount up to 50% for first 10 participants

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