Introduction of the IFMP Journal

Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan (IFMP), Pakistan’s first securities market institute, has been established by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as a permanent platform to develop quality human capital, capable to meet the emerging professional knowledge needs of financial markets and create standards among market professionals. The Institute has been envisioned to conduct various licensing examinations leading to certifications for different segments of the financial markets.

IFMP also provides a platform for research and development relating to objects of the Company and in this regard:

  1. To make available key knowledge tools such as:
    • A well-equipped library;
    • Database and electronic connectivity; and
    • Website for research publications and interaction
  2. To undertake steps for promotion of research such as:
    • To define and support research
    • To encourage members to conduct research; and
    • To participate in regional and international research initiatives
  3. To undertake any activity for development such as:
    • Arrange funding for supporting research; and
    • Organize and set up of a think tank related to the objects of the Company
  4. To represent, express, promote and to give effect to the findings and opinions on events and issues relating to financial markets’ and establish an effective forum of discussions, and to communicate the results of such discussions to the relevant government agencies and regulators in Pakistan.

The IFMP Journal is published quarterly. Besides publishing regular issues, the journal also publishes special issues on current affairs on the selected topics falling within the domains of the financial market.

The journal follows international SOPs for the publication process.