“Your Gateway to Careers in Capital Market”

  • Fundamentals of Capital Markets Certification
  • Stock Broker’s Certification
  • Mutual Fund Distributors Certification
  • Commodity Broker’s Certification
  • Pakistan Market Regulations Certification
  • Financial Derivative Traders Certification
  • Financial Advisors’ Certification
  • Fixed Income Securities Certification

Award of Diploma to candidates on completing the above mentioned certifications:-

Further Details of Diploma in Capital Market are as follows:-

Career Prospects:

✓ Diploma holders will be eligible to work as equity brokers & dealers, commodities brokers & dealers, mutual fund distributors/agents, Fixed Income and Derivatives traders/dealers.

Diploma in Capital Market by Top Ranked Institutes/Universities:

Keeping in view the requirement of candidates regarding the complete Diploma program in one package through professional instructors. Therefore, IFMP Diploma in Capital Market is being offered by Pakistan’s following top ranked Institutes/Universities:  

  • IBA Center for Executive Education (CEE), city campus, Karachi
  • NUST Professional Development Centre (PDC), Islamabad
Diploma Overview

Estimates indicate that more than one million individuals are engaged in various segments of the securities markets as investors and working professionals and the demand for skilled and competent professionals is constantly growing every year. The Diploma in Capital Market prepares the securities markets professionals with good understanding of the capital markets. It offers individuals the opportunity to gain specialist knowledge of financial markets, fixed income, financial derivatives, bonds and fund management. It covers all major and alternative asset classes and incorporates market best practice, regulation and risk management.

This diploma is a unique opportunity for career aspirants in the capital markets to obtain in-depth understanding, both theoretical and practical, from Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan (IFMP), an institute established by the securities markets regulator i.e., Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). On completion of this diploma, the participants would have developed capability to sort solutions to meet specific requirements in the capital market.

Topics Covered
  • Fundamentals of Capital Markets
  • Regulatory Regime in Pakistan’s Capital Markets
  • Mechanics of Stock Trading and Broking Business
  • Mutual Funds Advisory and Distribution Business
  • Mechanics of Commodities Trading and Broking Business
  • Trading and Valuation of Financial Derivatives
  • Fixed Income Securities Trading and Valuation
  • Techniques and tools of Financial Advisory

Upon completion, a participant will:

  • Be able to identify and understand the key macroeconomic and financial factors.
  • Understand the operation and mechanisms of stock, commodity and derivative markets, from both a technical and financial perspective.
  • Know in-depth knowledge of risk management and surveillance in capital markets.
  • Be able to develop and trade new and complex capital market products like options, index futures, and exchange traded funds, and commodity futures.
  • Know how to make investment strategies, build a portfolio and measure the investment returns.
  • Understand market terminologies and practices.
  • Be able to furnish with wide range of capital market concepts, which will allow them to achieve full understanding of the developing mechanics of the capital market.
  • Learn in-depth knowledge of regulations governing the capital market and ethics required to work professionally.
  • Understand the application and mechanics of derivative instruments.
  • Know the brief overview of fixed income securities and markets.
  • Learning from the best practices & functions of projects around the world
  • Lecture (Class room & Video Conference)
  • Project (Live business cases from the organizations)
  • Group Activities / Simulations/ Syndicate
  • Visits: Strategic Locations
  • Learning Management System
  • Learning from the practitioners
  • Guest Speakers
  • In-depth study of various projects in Pakistan
  • Manual
  • Case Studies
  • International Journals
  • Text Books
Who should attend?

Diploma in Capital Market is ideal for practitioners pursuing careers in asset management, treasury and financial controlling functions, brokerage, fixed income analysis, private equity, internal audit, equity analysis, fund management, financial consulting, financial risk management, investor relations, portfolio management, venture capital and specialist financial operations.

It is a unique and comprehensive program to be offered along with management trainee program by organizations operating in capital markets.